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  • - Experience simple and responsive mobile controls
  • - Choose from Hundreds of missions
  • - Use Rockets, Grenades, and EMPs against the enemy
  • - Amass a wide variety of present-day and futuristic weapons
  • - Switch between Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Sniper Rifles
  • - Level up your weapons with High Explosives, Depleted Uranium, Plasma, and Electrical munitions
  • - BATTLE your way through stunningly rendered, post-apocalyptic locations
  • - Join the Resistance and get promoted to higher ranks
  • - Experience an immersive storyline written by world-renowned sci-fi writer Dan Abnett
  • - Use your tactical prowess against a wide range of deadly enemies
  • - Battle classic Terminators and new models never seen before
  • - Fight alongside key Resistance members from the film