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Inspo for days! Here’s your glow moment to share as part of our 5-day #GlowBeThatGirl challenge!

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Help us glow stronger together! Challenge your friends to share their favorite quote and keep the chain of inspiration going. $25 will sponsor one bright woman in the I Am That Girl program for a whole year, so gather four friends, support each other and inspire others to be Glow Getters!

Note: Glu will be using a third-party service to track the usage of the #GlowBeThatGirl hashtag. The third-party service will not collect any other details about you. See the Fundraiser Details below to learn how the total number of hashtags affects Glu’s donation to I AM THAT GIRL.

Fundraiser Details
Glu Mobile Inc.’s donation to I AM THAT GIRL will equal the number of uses of the #GlowBeThatGirl hashtag made during the GlowBeThatGirl Promotion Period (June 4-10, 2018 PST), subject to a maximum donation of $20,000USD and further subject to the following requirements:
(1) You are older than 18 years of age and live in the United States.
(2) Your post(s) must include the #GlowBeThatGirl hashtag and one of the inspiration quotes provided here and must appear on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter (each, a “Qualifying Social Post”). In order to share to Instagram, you’ll have to take a screenshot of the quote and add your preferred text with the hashtag.
(3) Your social media accounts must be set to “public” or equivalent for the entire Promotion Period otherwise we won’t be able to count Qualifying Social Posts.
(4) You must make your Qualifying Social Posts on 5 consecutive days to activate the maximum donation attributable to your Qualifying Social Posts. A maximum of 5 of your Qualifying Social Posts will be counted toward the total number of #GlowBeThatGirl hashtag uses. You’re free to use the hashtag as often as you’d like but only 5 made during the Promotion Period will be counted.
(5) Qualifying Social Posts made by Glu Mobile Inc.’s or I AM THAT GIRL’s directors, officers, employees, chapter leaders, participants/members and the household members of the foregoing will not be counted toward the total number of the #GlowBeThatGirl hashtag uses.
(6) The donations based on your Qualifying Social Posts are not tax-deductible by you. You can make your own donation to I AM THAT GIRL on their website. I AM THAT GIRL and Glu Mobile Inc., the developer and publisher of COVET FASHION, are not affiliated in any way. Glu’s minimum donation to I AM THAT GIRL will be $10,000USD.

For more information about I AM THAT GIRL, click here.

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