Covet Fashion - Diamond Rewards

Official Rules

For every USD $1.00 (rounded down) spent on online purchases made between June 17, 2023 and June 19, 2023 (Promotion Period) from Eligible Brand Websites, defined below, you can receive 100 in-game diamonds within COVET FASHION, subject to the requirements, restrictions and exclusions set forth herein. Eligible Brand Websites shall be defined as  the direct-to-consumer ecommerce website of any brand who has released one or more garments in Covet Fashion within the last year (Summer 2022 – Summer 2023). Purchases from third-party retailers are not eligible for rewards.

To obtain your COVET FASHION diamonds, submit your receipt from your online purchase from an Eligible Band Website within five (5) days of making your purchase and your COVET FASHION user name at  Please do not share any personal information about yourself on our receipt.  We ask that any personal information such as mailing address, name etc. be removed from the receipt before sending to All receipts collected will be managed in accordance with our privacy policy available at All receipts are subject to verification with the vendor.  You may submit only one receipt per Promotion Period. Diamonds will be directly awarded to your account within the COVET FASHION game within 30 business days of receipt of your email and receipt verification.  Cancelled and returned orders are ineligible for COVET FASHION diamond rewards. In the event of a partial return or cancellation, the diamond reward will be calculated based on the final validated order total after the amount of any return or cancellation is subtracted. In the event of an exchange the number of COVET FASHION diamonds may be adjusted to reflect any cancellations or returns or excluded purchases. We reserve the right to verify all receipts.  In the event that we suspect any fraudulent behavior or cheating, or a return or cancellation occurs, the COVET FASHION diamonds awarded will be removed from your user account.  Diamonds are a virtual in-game currency within the COVET FASHION game and have no value other than use within the COVET FASHION game, and may not be transferred, substituted or redeemed for cash or otherwise. A valid in-game user name and in-game account are required to receive COVET FASHION diamonds.  Any use of the COVET FASHION game and any diamond rewards are subject to the terms of use located at  Terms of offer are subject to change or cancellation at any time.