Playtest Intl FAQ

Who can participate in a playtest?

We may have different age requirements depending on the game we are testing. Sometimes participants must be 18 years of age or older, but other times we allow participants between the ages of 13 and 17. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present at the playtest session. All participants must sign the User Research Participation Agreement (the “Agreement”) (parents must also sign for anyone younger than 18).

What information do you collect for recruitment purposes?

To recruit and manage the playtesting Program, we collect and store some or all the following information:

  • Contact information (which may include your telephone number, email address, Skype user name, and user names for various social media platforms)
  • Your availability
  • Current employment status and employer (if any)
  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Affinity towards various video game genres
  • Physical address if you desire to participate in Referral Program (to receive gift card(s) via mail)

Please also refer to the “What is required to qualify as a participant” information below. We will ask you additional questions to screen you into the appropriate study, if one is available.

What is the reward for playtesting a game?

Rewards may differ based on the game tested and location of the participant. Also, we conduct tests and studies for which we do not offer rewards. We might provide gift cards to those who participate in tests at our office, but the gift card value varies based on the time spent in our office.

We may also offer participants who come to our office a t-shirt or other Glu merchandise, which may vary by then-available inventory, and refreshments. Glu is not responsible for food allergies.

For remote studies, participants will be rewarded only upon successful completion of the study. Successful completion means that all required remote activities are completed by the participant.

Do you reimburse for travel expenses?

Glu does not reimburse participants for travel time or costs incurred while traveling to or from a study. Participants must be able to provide their own transportation to and from the study session.

What is required to qualify as a participant?

Prior to playtesting at Glu, we will need to collect additional information about your video game interests. Parts of this screening may take place over the phone whereas other parts may take place via an online survey. For such contacts, you will be asked to respond to additional questions such as the following:

  • work history for past 3 years
  • your video game interests
  • where you like to play games (generally)
  • who you like to play with (generally)
  • devices you own

We may ask additional questions to ensure that you meet the screening criteria. We expect candid, honest information at all times.

Where is the playtest session held?

Playtests and other research are usually held at Glu headquarters. For those playtests and some of our studies, you must be able to come to our office in San Francisco.

Please note that if you are not local to the San Francisco Bay Area you may still be able to participate in our research program. We occasionally run remote research studies that require participants that are not local to San Francisco. We also may, from time to time, conduct studies in other cities.

How will I know when to come in for the session?

Participants will be contacted prior to participating in a playtesting session to schedule their session via phone or e-mail. Participants may receive a text message reminding them of their scheduled appointment time.

Will I need to sign anything?

Participants must sign the User Research Program Participation Agreement as mentioned above. The Agreement explains the terms and conditions of your participation. A copy can be provided at your request prior to your visit, but iPad electronic signature will be requested prior to your session(s) and an email with your copy will be sent to the email address provided.

For remote studies, participants will also need to complete the Agreement.

Will my face or voice be recorded?

Glu asks for your consent to the recording and streaming of video footage of the playtest session, which includes the gameplay and, unless you opt out, video capture of your body, face and gameplay, as well as audio capture of your voice and gameplay. A participant may opt out in two ways. First, you may choose not to participate in the Program or the specific study you’ve been asked to participate in. All of Glu’s studies include this option. Second, in some studies, participants may have the choice to opt out of face and body recording specifically. If the second option is available, only gameplay and your voice will be recorded, but the opt out must occur prior to the playtest session by selecting the relevant option in the Agreement provided.

Will Glu be contacting me after the study?

Glu may contact you after the study for follow-up information or to reach out to you about future playtesting or other research opportunities. Glu will only contact you for marketing purposes if you separately consented to receive such communications in the Agreement.

What if my contact information changes?

Login to your profile to keep your contact information up to date. You can also contact Glu at to correct your contact information. You are responsible for keeping your contact information updated (i.e., when incentives are mailed to Participants, it is Participant’s responsibility to keep information current).

How many times during the year can I come to the office and playtest games?

For tax purposes, the total value of gift cards provided to Participants (for participation in a study and all successful referrals) in a calendar year cannot exceed $600.00.

Can I terminate my participation in the user research program?

As set forth in the Agreement, no employment or other contract or benefit relationship is intended nor established by Your participation. Either You or Glu may terminate participation for any reason at any time in writing as set forth in the Agreement. Neither party is obligated to disclose or provide a reason, if any, for such termination.

I would like a job at Glu. Will participating in a playtest help me with the employment process?

Participating in the user research program does not, in any way, put you in touch with our Human Resources department. If you are interested in a career at Glu, please review our list of openings at